Christmas 2009

It's Christmas 2009 and we gather to celebrate at the Hillenburg homestead
It's now time for the traditional family poem to be read

The Hillen's and the Watson's traveled through snow from Rogersville
The Liles join in from Grottaferrata the city on the hill

We want to look back through 2009
To remember events that hopefully rhyme

This year Grandpa and Grandma flew their first continental flight
We're hoping they fly internationally and in 2010-they just might

Mark and Cindy gave away a daughter this year but gained a son
We are all so proud and thankful for Chad Watson

Barrett, Mark, and Cindy all went to Guatemala but not on Vacation
But to protect the Eagles Nest orphans with a Home security installation

Sky and Chad were featured in Bride 417 magazine
Their wedding was a beautiful event to be seen

Natalie learned so many new things in Strafford this summer
To swim, ride a bike, to stand on her head, and roller blade, -WHAT could be funner!

Kent's class from school came to our church in Rome
Every child got a copy of God's Word for their home.

Ethan is working so hard at school to get ahead
It helps that his teacher doesn't distract him by resting her bosoms on his head.

Jon and Becky are still in language school
That's why this sentence doesn't rhyme.

We pray we soon can all be together again
See you next year in 2010.

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