Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

It’s A Hillenburg Christmas, that we celebrate this day…
In the old Matthews Family traditional way.

We together celebrate the gift of God’s son’s birth,
To forgive us of our sins, and who gave us measure of worth.

We can’t all be together this year,
We will celebrate though with maybe only a few tears.

This good news must be shared to others we say,
This is why the Liles family is away.

In this family we ALL are obedient to His calling,
Even on the football field, Barrett sends the offense sprawling.

Not only did Skyler start to college this year
She snagged her a guy who is pretty debonair.

In the words of Kent, my son,
“It’s Chad Freakin Watson”

Kent and Ethan are my heros of the bunch
They go to Italian school everyday and eat their socialized government lunch.

Natalie joined another family tree,
By salvation she has truly been set free.

Mark and Cindy must have blinked
As they will give away their first born Skyler Elizabeth

Dad is the one who leads this clan.
He has retired this year and can now enjoy watching C span

Mom and Dad have added two plasma tvs, satellite, and wi fi
And golly! There is so much more to try!

I am grateful to God that we have this technology,
So we can see each other even though there is a great pond that separates our family.

We look forward to 2009 and the blessings ahead that God only knows,
As we bring this year 2008 to a close.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Becky Liles


Cindy said...

Merry Christmas to the Hillenberg Clan. Mark told me about the family Christmas poem tradition. Your poem was great. Eddie and Cindy

Gary Wilson said...

Great family poem. You said everything perfectly