Christmas Poem 2010

Traditional cheeseball has been eaten
The Christmas dinner has been served

Excitement and incredible joy fill the Hillen house this Christmas 2010
The whole family is gathered around their tree once again

And now we come together for another family tradition
A time for carols fun and reflection

Skyler and Chad lead us in song
For many years at High Street they'll belong

We are sur to know the latest news complete
Because Mark and Cindy faithfully tweet.

Kent and Ethan approach life with Italian flair
They are caught flirting with girls everywhere.

Barrett played football again this fall
May be next year his receivers will catch the "dang" ball.

Natalie is our little diva,
But once her friend, she'll never leave ya

2010 Mom and dad have traveled to Alaska and Rome
2011 school year they have the Liles staying in their home.

This is a look back with the people we love
Thankful for the gift to be together from the Lord above.

Today and tomorrow and for years to come
We thank our God for sending his Son.

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