Christmas Poem 2007

It’s Christmas Eve 2007 as we gather to celebrate Christ’s birth;
The Hillenburg branch of this family tree that carries on this long time tradition

Of coming together both family and friends, for food, fun, fellowship & mirth.

This Christmas program handed down through this clan from the first to the last generation.

It started out almost a century ago by a troubadour of a man named A.Z.

And carried out almost each and every year as the clan gathers even here today.

Passed down by our patriarch Stanley Doubt, who next time in Heaven we’ll see.

Although many a trial & tribulation has come to our family, I’m happy to say;

No matter the test that may come our way, the metal of this family is true.

From Great-Grandpa, to Grandma, to uncle, to cousin to grandson one thing remains;

The gift of His Son, that came to this earth, is what binds us together like glue

And no matter the race set forth we must run, His Name and His Story proclaim.

Were happy to have a special gift this year, the Liles were planned to be gone.

But God has a plan, understood by no man, and it’s His time in that that they will move.

But this year we’ll savor, this time spent together, and soon they will fly across the pond.

As we wind this thing down, and we start this program for the year 2000 and seven

One thing we remember, the gift sent from heaven.

It’s A Hillenburg Christmas, that we celebrate this day…

In the same old Matthews Family traditional way.

Merry Christmas

Mark Hillenburg



I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!