Christmas Poem 2001

As I sit with pen in hand, pondering the year just past,
The changes to the family that have happened since Christmas last.

The years bring many changes and things that begin anew,
I realize what an awesome responsibility, to share my thoughts with you.

There's been so many things happen, impossible to mention them here,
Exciting and life changing things, we've shared throughout the year.

We've several new additions to the Doubt clan this year,
Two new little girls to hold so close and dear.

Katelyn came earlier in the year, followed by Makenzie,
Both bringing lots of joy and to the Clark families I'm sure, a frenzy.

Tim remarried in February, a new doubt named Michele,
And thought she can't be with us today, we think she's pretty swell.

And so we just keep building on foundation firm and strong,
It started many years ago with a union that couldn't go wrong.

We've been blessed beyond compare with a patriarch strong and bold,
With mountains of integrity and a heart that is pure gold.

And no one could ever know a more selfless human heart,
Than that of the woman who is our matriarch

We love them both so dearly and cannot imagine a day,
When they are not here to guide us and show us all teh way.

We live by their example, our family should be treasured,
I know the fact we're all here today has brought them both great pleasure.

Each Christmas is uniquely special, but this Christmas especially so
Because we're all together, like those Christmases long ago.

Though we all are scattered we've gathered here today,
To be with one another, to sing and talk and play.

33 of us in all have come from far and near,
Because there's nowhere we'd rather be on Christmas night this year.

It doesn't happen often that we can all be in one place,
It is a blessed gift in itself to see each beautiful face.

I feel as if it's up to be to say something wise and true,
But I know it already means as much to each of you.

We know that we are truly blessed that each one of us can be here,
For many families cannot be together, though not by choice, this year.

We ask you Lord to be with those who lost their family members,
In the terrible, evil, terrorist act on the eleventh of September.

And we're thankful that it wasn't any member of our family,
Taken from us all too soon in an awful tragedy.

Though we are ever mindful that each day could be our last,
We are ever grateful for our memories from years past.

I'm grateful to each one of you for coming here tonight,
For caring and sharing with the world, and spreading God's great Light,

For even in the darkness that envelops the world today,
His light will forever shine brightly and show us all the way.

It is but our choice to follow, to live our lives so well,
That in His Heavenly presence we may forever dwell.

He sent to us a baby, to show us He is near,
It is up to us to listen an dto live in peace another year.

By Kimberly

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