Christmas 1997

Kim got ill,
so I swallowed the pill,
And wrote the poem this year.
It's not very long,
None at all would be wrong,
And Grandma would kill us we feared.
So I took pen in hand,
And thought of the man,
Who started all this for us.
Stanley Doubt is his name
And if you said he had fame,
He'd say "Hey, don't make a fuss."
He was a cute little kid,
Growing upas he did,
And I've got a picture to prove it.
Then he met LaWaughn,
Knew she was the one,
And marriage thereafter ensued it.
Here's a picture of them,
Standing tall and trim
It was taken in 1937.
The first child then came,
Larry Gene was his name.
And boy, they thought they were in heaven,
Then Linda came to be,
Followed by Rita Marie,
And the rest of us descended from there.
From three Doubt kids,
Came six grandkids,
Now 8 great grandkids are here.
We can't all be here,
From year to year,
But we always think about Stanley.
The sacrifices he made,
The education he gave,
To make us always care about family.

By Tim Doubt

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