Christmas 1998

Christmas is here and the stockings are filled,
With joy and with kindness and lots of good will.
We look at the world with all of its mess,
We thank God for family, my how we are blessed!
So may things have happened, some old, some new,
We want to take time to mention a few
We came through the year and the family's in tact,
We've added one to it as a matter of fact.
It's a little boy baby and what is his name?
Becky and Jon called him Kenteth Wayne.
Scott and Judy and Ryan and Zach
Have sent us a letter saying next Christmas they'll be back
Larry gave us a scare but he's doing okay,
We had a good doctor that made it that way.
A trip to Canada the Lippelmans did take
They say another to Canada they never will make
Tim and Rhonda have had a year full of changes,
Rhonda started a business that's really going places.
Tim has made Sergeant, of him we're so proud,
He strives to be tops, not just one of the crowd.
Mike and Kathy's life will change pretty quick
A baby girl they will have to add to our mix
You can see Rita and Bill have much to celebrate,
All of their grandkids will be in the States.
George and Linda say they have enjoyed the empty nest
But off to Florida they went and will always give Mark and Cindy a rest.
Singers they say they are, Skyler and Barrett,
They've made their debut and applause they did merit.
And a milestone was celebrated in the month of November,
Sixty years together with many things to remember.
And so you see, it's been a big year,
For each of every one of us, both far and near.
We miss our loved ones when they are far away,
All pray for their safety and protection each day.
We know our Savior is kind and His mercies are true,
And as long as we serve Him He'll see us through.

By June and Kim

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