Christmas 1996

It's Christmas time yet again, the year is '96
Here I sit on Christmas morn, a poem still to fix.
There's so much to write about this year, our family has grown some more,
With Zachary added to the clan, Scott's family grew to four.
And how we miss them all so much and wish that they were here,
We know they miss all of us too and our hearts are very near.
Then in the merry month of May a wedding day did come,
As Becky married her guy Jon and set up a happy home.
And grandpa celebrated a milestone as he turned eighty years,
We are thankful to our god above we have him with us here,
And we thank our father also for letting us gather once again,
To celebrate this holiday with family and with friends.
For that is what Christmas truly is in one simple word "love",
The greatest gift of all, a Savior sent from god above.
And the love we have, each one of us for God and for His son,
We know that we are truly blessed each and every one.
And the love we share for family, those here and far away,
We are all together in spirit on this beautiful Christmas day.
I know that it's no accident our family is so strong
With the example that has been set for us by our elders all along.
They've taught us by example that family is number one
They're truly proud of each of us and the things that we have done.
Their love is unconditional, boundless and complete,
They're loved by each of us in return cause they're really pretty neat.
There are so many families in strife in the world today,
So many give up on each other and simply walk away.
And sometimes I get the feeling that there aren't many like mine,
Not everyone is so blessed with a family so fine.
And so I'll close by saying that I'm simply grateful to,
My Heavenly Father up above for a family like you.

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