Christmas 1995

The year is 1995 it's Christmas once again,
It's also time to reflect upon what kind of year it's been

It seems our family is getting somewhat further flung
Oh how I wish we could all be here for every carol sung.

But alas, we can not always be all gathered round the tree,
Though we're each one here in spirit, one great big family.

So many changes going on throughout our growing group,
As we add one to our nest and another flies the coop!

By this time a year fom now if all goes as is planned
We'll have added two new members to our close knit clan.

For Becky got engaged this year and soon will leave the nest,
She'll join Jon in wedded bliss, she thinks he's the best!

Scott and Judy and Ryan too will have a little one
Though they're way off in Germany, they're in for lots of fun.

As I said before, so many changes happening here,
But we just keep getting better as we go on through the years.

We're thankful that Grandpa and Grandma are still heading up the clan,
They teach us by example to do all that we can,

To love each other dearly, create memories that last,
To take care of our families and hold on to them fast.

I'm glad to say I'm very proud to be just one small part,
Of a special family that is so very full of heart.

What I've said so many times is just as true as ever,
Families like ours will be families forever.

We're each one very special in his or her own way,
With different interests and talents each having our own say.

I like to think no matter what we can support each one,
For that is the example that's been set by Stanley and LaVaughn.

"Family first" it seems must be their motto true,
For there is not one thing on this earth they would not try to do.

For any one of us in need they're always there you see,
Wherever they are needed, that is where they'll be.

I love them both with all my heart and each one of you too.
That's the most important thing to say so now I'll bid adieu.

Merry Christmas!!

I'll miss all of you today

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