Christmas 1994

Christmas is a time to reflect on traditions old and new,
To think about the things in this world that are held so dear to you.
And as I think about these things my thoughts turn to family,
Of all the changes throughout the years and of what it all means to me.
This family is a special one in many, many ways,
Our love for one another is clear as we gather on this day.
We're lucky enough to have two people to head the family,
They've loved each and every one of us unconditionally.
And so we're gathered here once more on Christmas day this year,
Together with the people that we all hold most dear.
For those who cannot join us, we miss having you here,
We hope you're thinking of us too, and can be with us next year.
And so it's hard to believe, but it's Christmas time once more,
Time to reflect on the events of 1994
And what a busy year it's been, full of so much joy,
In June we added yet another beautiful baby boy.
His name is Austin Timothy and we think he's just swell.
He's certainly a dandy as far as we can tell.
Just a few months down the road we added two at once,
When Scott took Judy as his wife , and Ryan joined the bunch.
And also we are very blessed that Marissa has pulled through,
A very scary surgery to make her heat like new.
Some of us faced new challenges, new homes, new jobs, new fears,
But overall, for most of us it's been a blessed year.
For those who especially need it, you're in our thoughts and prayers,
We hope you know we love you and that we truly care.
We really do have so much that we should thank Him for,
So be happy, well, and joyous 'til it's Christmas time once more.

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