Christmas 1993

Christmas Day is here once more, we're gathered with those we love,
To celebrated the birth of Christ, sent from our Father above.
Most of the family is here this year, others we sorely miss,
We wish they could be close enough for us to hug and kiss
There's a new member of the clan, a sweet little boy named Barrett.
He's the cutest thing you've ever seen, at least his dad, Mark, would swear it!
This coming year we'll welcome new members into our family tree,
As Scott takes as his wife a lovely girl named Debbie.
But that's not all, oh no, you see, there is even more,
Timothy's family of three will welcome number four.
And so you see, we're truly blessed, for we have on another,
Friends often remark to me, "You have a family like no other".
And with them I must agree, for we each know we are loved,
Not only by our family on earth, but by our God above.
We pull together when times are rough and even when they're good.
We love each other as much or more as any family could.
We've had examples set for us by the heads of his family.
They've taught us the importance of true family loyalty,
They've taught us to keep our Heavenly Father ever in our hearts and minds,
To live the way He'd want us to, to be loving, compassionate, and kind.
And to celebrate the birth of Christ by coming here together,
At Christmas time and always, this family is forever.

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