Christmas 1992

Christmas is here for '92 and what a year it's been!
Three new members of the family seems like a good place to begin.

On the tree there hangs this year a new ornament for each one,
But a place in our hearts for all three of them was already long ago won.

In March two precious little ones entered into this world,
We couldn't have asked for anymore, we got a boy and a girl.

Although it was a joyous time, it was a very scary time too,
We had a little Marissa who had heart surgery to go through.

So for her on the tree a guardian angel there hangs to watch and oversee,
As we do all we can to make sure with us she'll always be.

And Matthew with his shining face, what a busy boy you are!
So on the tree to remind us of you there hangs a shiny blue star.

And Kathy became one of the clan when she and Mike vowed never to part,
We've added to the tree for her a beautiful satin heart.

And all of us are thankful to have had another year,
To count our many blessings for what we have is clear.

The headlines tell us every day that the world is in chaos,
With wars, and strife, and homelessness, and such a sense of loss.

How blessed we've been to not to be touched by the problems that abound,
To be able to have gatherings with family all around.

To have Grandpa and Grandma still with us going strong,
Grandpa always with a smile and Grandma with a song.

So let's remember Christmas and the message that it brings,
That the most prized possessions in this world are not material things.

But hope, and love, and selflessness that Christ has showed for us,
That, you see is the true meaning of this time we call Christmas.

So may the coming year be filled with blessings, love and joy,
Until we gather here next year, be thankful and enjoy.

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