Christmas 1991

We've gathered together for Christmas again and what a year this has been!
As I think back over the last twelve months I remember the changes we've seen.

Grandpa and grandma have left the old place to move to the "city" you know,
We're all very glad to hae them so close, to Branson we no longer go.

So we gather here at the new homestead to begin traditions anew,
Traditions which mean so much to us, but so much more has happened too.

Scott has joined the Air Force now and we don't see him as much as we'd like
And college life is over now for Kathy and for Mike.

This year they'll start a life together just four months from today,
We wish them luck and happiness as they look forward to that day.

About the same time two little ones will come into this world,
The doctors say "we're not positive, but probably a boy and a girl!"

Anew set of twins in this family to carry on the flame,
to join Trevor and Skyler in all the little kids games.

And while I know each one has things going on, important, big or small,
There just isn't time to think about and write about them all!

And I've no doubt that exciting things will come in '92,
And next year we'll gather again to reflect and start anew.

But now it's time to turn our thoughts to Christmas in '91
And enjoy this time of togetherness we have with everyone.

And to think of those we love so much who cannot gather here,
To share our joy this Christmastime, our love, our hope, our cheer.

And to ask our Heavenly Father to watch us one and all,
To allow us to spend another year together big and small.

And be thankful for the things we have and what He's blessed us with,
And to realize the Christmas spirit really is not a myth

It lives in every one of us each and every day,
To express our love and gratitude we don't need a holiday.

But Christmas is indeed a special time and so this is my cue,
Good luck in the coming year until Christmas 1992.

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