Christmas 1990

We have all arrived at the gathering place to celebrate Christmas this year,
The first Christmas of the new decade, we've come from far and near.
It's time to repeat traditions we've established through and through
And carry on the old, as well as begin the new.

Christmas time brings to mind images of family,
All of us gathered together around the evergreen tree,
As a family we've been blessed, I'm sure we'd all agree,
And it is growing all the time, this year we've added two new ornaments to the tree

Skyler Hillenburg has been added to the crew,
And Ryan will live on in all our memories too.
It's such a close time for us as we draw near to one another,
To celebrate the birth of Christ and the love we feel for each other.

As I think about past Christmases my mind is filled with things,
Like plays, and music, and scripture and our annual gatherings.
And I doubt that anyone could have more special memories,
Than those we share of this wondrous time, of wreathes, and bells, and trees

And though each of us has played a part in creating these memories,
We owe a debt of gratitude to the heads of this family.
For it is through their boundless love we gather here together,
And contemplate our Lord's love, for families are forever.

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