Christmas 1989

Christmas is a special time that comes but once a year
When all the Doubt clan comes together from both far and near
To celebrate the wondrous joy the season always brings
And share the love that can't be shown by simply giving "things"
The year has flown so swiftly by it seems just yesterday
The the first two of six grandchildren were on the way
Now there's a little one, the first grandchild great
We miss Trevor and his mom and dad this year they 're in another state
The year brought other things, for Mark it brought a wife
Cindy joined the family and they started a new life
And it brought other special things for all of us I know
We have much to be thankful for from Heavenly Father our blessings flow.
We must remember all that we should be thankful for
And also be ever mindful of what the Lord has in store.
So remember this time of year how lucky we truly are
Because Christ was born long ago in a manger under a star.

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