Christmas 1987

Christmas is such a joyous time
With lots of tradition song and rhyme.
And in this family there is much to be said
And it isn't about sugar plums dancing in our heads
The traditions we celebrate are the ones that bind.
It's loyalty, respect, and friendship in kind.
No malice, no anger in this family tree
It's pride and involvement in things that set free
We encourage and support the paths that each take
And we each remember we can learn from mistakes
There's much that has happened this year we can share
So many good things they can't all possibly be aired
There are one or two we need to recall
The first we will share is one about Carl
There is a Christmas ornament for each on our Grandparent's tree
This year we hung one for Carl for all to see
Our Grandpa had a close call but the Lord left him here
Maybe to help his offspring to face things without fear
To face all the challenges and to seek out the best
And the Lord then will add all of the rest
Tim is back this year with the clan
We all knew he would be, that was part of the plan
He served full time for the Lord the two years past
Then knowledge from God seemed to come real fast
He had lots to do and he did it well
But having him home makes our heart swell
Christmas this year is a winter wonderland
With ice on the trees and there was snow on the land
But it truly is great to live in "the land of the free"
To celebrate Christmas in the way that we please
To serve our Saviour who was born on this day
Who later gave his life and showed us the way
We love this time of year with its giving
And our family seems to live this and give it meaning
We don't try to find fault or think we're only the great
But instead we're all happy with the prayers each makes
If we could give the world or each person a gift
It would be a family like ours cause then they'd be blessed
Christmas really is a joyous time in this clan
Let's celebrate it each day, I know we can!

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