Christmas 1985

As we meet again this Christmas day in 1985
We're thankful we're all together and all of us still alive
And as we think about the seas of life that we sailing
We stop and think about the ships that we are traveling
First there is the flagship with Admiral and Mrs. Doubt
Built to carry us all in and it's so very stout
One of the ships that is occasionally used by a member of the clan
Is one called courtship Kim has used it to snare her a man
Then for fun there is sportsmanship whether on a losing or winning team
And Mike made all Ozarks football even though he's not so mean
Scott was on a baseball team that won in Iowa
Mark stayed and played and never walked away
One of the vessels is scholarships we need to carry us thru life
Tim has proved he can guide that ship even without a wife
Friendship is a very important vessel all agree
And with Becky this vessel is given quite free
Sometimes the seas are not as calm as can be
We ride waves of hardship on life's tossing seas

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