Christmas Poem 1981

Tis the day of Christmas,1981
The day to go to Kirbyville to have some fun.
Ah Kirbyville, kind of like Bethlehem town,
We return each year - we all come down.
From the great metropolis where we all reside
From Willard and Strafford and Battlefield, we drive.
Give us credit for knowing how to find the way
To make it back here every Christmas Day.

I mean, after all, there's no star shining down
To guide us back to this little old town,
But what there is, is two big smiles.
Saying, "Get down here for bacon and eggs,
Cause if you don't, we'll break your legs.
We've got breakfast ready, believe it or not
And if you don't eat it, you're gonna get shot.
So be here at ten, come in on the double,
And if it's 10:30, boy! "You're in trouble!"

So here come Larry and June, racing fast
With Tim saying, "Kim, it's your fault we're last,
'Cause Grandpa's gonna eat breakfast at ten
And I want some biscuits and fruit from the hen".

There's George and Linda just turning the corner
With Mark and Becky, saying, "Boy, we're a goner,
If it's after ten, 'cause there's Grandma waitin'
Out on the porch, after burning the bacon".

But look down the road, if it ain't Rita and bill
With Edith, Mike and Scott, coming over the hill.
Scott's got his camera to take pictures of all
And what's that Mike's dribbling? Why, it's a basketball!

Then after breakfast we all settle in
That's when we kids think the fun begins.
Each year we bring a treat, you see,
An ornament each family hangs on the tree.

The singing and laughing is part of the glee
And watching the presents under the tree.
The kids all sing and tell stories galore
And when they are finished, we still long for more.
Then from the Bible, the story is read
Of Christ's birth (not in an inn), but a stable instead.

When Christmas Season draws to a close,
I hope we remember from the grave He arose,
He dwells in our hearts and shows us the way
To share our love on this Christmas Day.

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