Christmas Poem 1978

It's time once again for the "Stanley Doubt Clan"
To gather and celebrate Christmas again.
The presents are bought and wrapped and tied
And there's a warm, friendly feeling glowing inside.

As we gather around the Christmas tree,
We let our love flow as meant to be,
The Christmas carols we love to sing
And we love the story the Bible brings.

But the Christmas's past (and I hope you agree)
Brings back a lot of beautiful memories to me.
I remember when Christmas Eve was spent
With the Matthews bunch.
Then back to Kirbyville for the Doubt Christmas Day lunch.

When Stanley and LaVaughn started their clan,
They weren't sure how large it would span.
But with two little girls and one little boy,
Their hearts must have filled with Christmas joy.

As time went by and their children were grown,
They each looked around for mates of their own.
So Larry spotted June and they started to plan
And in '59 she joined the clan.

Rita, who's the youngest of the three,
Found a grand fellow and said, "He just suits me".
So in '65 Rita got her man.
That's the year Bill joined the clan.

About this time a fantastic guy came on the scene,
And Linda Kay said, "Mom isn't he keen?
Believe I will just marry that man,"
So in '66 George joined the clan.

So now the clan had grown to eight
With four different homes to celebrate
Then along came little ones to join the clan
Kim, the little girl and Tim, the little man.

A couple of years later came Mike and Mark,
And boy! Did they add some bubble and spark!
Four more years and then, guess what?
A handsome little guy, and is name's Scott.

Then, to make our joy complete
Came Rebecca Lynn and is she sweet
So now the original two to fourteen has grown
Three married children with families of their own.

It all started forty years ago,
Where would you be if LaVaughn had said, "No"?
But here we are on Christmas Day,
To celebrate in this special way.

By Larry and June Doubt
Timmy and Kimberly Doubt

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