Christmas Poem 1977

Christmas I think, is the happiest of all holidays - a time of faith and festivities that make our hearts rejoice and our spirits merry. A celebration of peace and good will to all. Christmas is a season of warmth and welcome, family and friends, memories and promises. Most of all, Christmas is a treasure of tradition - cherished, or in the making - linking young and old in the glittering chain of Christmas's past, present, and future. So we leave each year a poem, sometimes long, sometimes short:

Christmas is the time for family and friends,
For being together until this day ends.
Now the clan's all together at the Doubt chalet
And children all wish for a touch of snow.

Grandpa and Grandma are as excited as can be
'Cause we're all gathered 'round "their Christmas tree.
We gather to honor a family tradition.
All being together for this celebration.

Grandpa Stanley is the leader of this clan
We also know where ere he resides,
Grandma LaVaughn there, too, abides,
A finer lady you'll never find.

There's Tim and Mike; Mark and Scott,
There's Kim and Becky and that's all we've got.
Now Tim thinks Grandpa is really swell,
Cause he can do anything really well.

Grandma, he says, is really tops,
'Cause she loves us all and she "cooks" a lot.
Mike thinks Grandpa can do anything,
And Grandma is happy and she always sings.

Mark says he likes to visit Grandpa more than anything
Now, Grandma's good food "makes me feel like a king".
And when his opinion was asked of Scott,
He said, "I just like them a lot".

Now we come to the two little girls
With frilly dresses and dark shining curls.
Kim likes Grandpa 'cause he takes time to be
The very best Grandpa that anyone can be.

And Grandma, Kim loves more than words can describe,
And likes to do anything, as long as it's by her side.
And little Becky, who will soon be two
Says it all with, "Kom-pa and Kom-ma, I wuv o-o-o".

So, here's the main reason for our Christmas joys,
Two little girls and four little boys.
And Grandpa and Grandma, alive and free,
With all the children 'round "their" Christmas tree.

Now as we bring '77 to an end
Thankful for all our family and friends,
And they start their New Year of '78
Let us set a goal- and make it great!

By Larry and June Doubt
Timmy and Kimberly Doubt

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