Christmas Poem 1979

The Doubt clan is gathered for Christmas you see
And the packages are once again tucked under the tree,
The candy is made and set on the table
For everyone to eat, as long as they're able.

Carols are playing and what a delight,
The family's together and oh, what a sight!
Grandma and Grandpa can be proud of themselves
They've been baking and cooking and working like elves
To make their home special and full of joy
For each and every girl and boy.

They set the ideal of Christmas quite high,
They've taught us the - best gifts, money can't buy.
They act like it's Christmas all through the year,
By loving, by giving, and spreading good cheer.
We all know life just isn't that simple
But the great gift they give is "Set the Example".

So the example you set in the years to come,
Let it be like the Heavenly Father's Son.
Of loving and giving, all year long
Of smiling and sharing, giving a song.
Not just on this, our Christmas Day,
But follow their example from day to day.

By Larry and June Doubt
Timmy and Kimberly Doubt

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