Another Christmas time has come and round-up time is here;
All who could, have all come home for this glorious time of the year.
All but Monty, Betty & Cynthia Lea & Randy & Terry & who knows who?
The bundle from heaven is on it's way.

And who can tell, it might come Christmas Day.
So Monty is all set to pace the floor;
And Betty has been counting the days for shore.

Were all anxious including Mother and me;
For the new, precious bundle for our family tree.

This has been an eventful year;
Many of our relatives have vacationed here.
Our common interests all have shared;
And all but Connie and Pat were spared.

For Pat the oldest son of our sister Echo.
Kathy his wife & children seven;
And Jackie his sister & Jerry & Joe.
We evoke Christmas Peace from Heaven.

With sympathy in our hearts, this Christmas Day.
It's not so "Merry" as we always say;
But still we sing in the Matthews clan;
"Peace on earth, good will to man."

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1961

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