Every Christmas when I write this verse;
I think it may be the last.
This continued story, for better or worse;
Also is a dowry of the past.

The round-up time of the Matthews clan;
The Christmas tree -Children and toys.
The family tree with women and men;
And a surprise bundle - a boy.

This brings to mind of the father of the clan;
With five generations to remember.
How little our children & grandchildren know;
Of our ancestry 100 years this December.

Tracing them back on our family tree;
To Grandfather, William Edward.
Who was the son of our Great, Great Grandfather;
Julius Avery, who had younger sons Cleave, Ed, Man & Sam.

After all these years not a single son;
Has been born to honor this man.
Many Matthews of the same strain;
But not one who's name was Sam.

We wish to dedicate this dowry of the clan;
to all who carry the Matthews name.
To honor the given name of the man;
And the youngest who's name is Sam.

It's one more Christmas for Mother and me;
And to gather with our girls & boys.
How great we all should be;
To share in these Christmas Joys.

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1962

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