It's Grandpa's job at Christmas time to keep the record clear;
The events that happen within the clan;
And if possible bring good cheer.

Something to read, something to write, or twist my tongue to say;
Anything I could say, try as I might would be inadequate this Christmas Day.

We must put something in our memory book;
The THEME "Christmas is a happy time,"
These words were written by one who cannot speak, Junie - gave us the line.

A paper to be turned in to her teacher THEME "Christmas is a happy time...
and we always go to Grandpa & Grandma Matthews at Christmas time"

Of all the Children and grandchildren dear, It seams her words are the dearest;
And what she wrote to her teacher and all she said it all to cheer-us.

Words are scarce but we can record;
the THEME , And sing it to Larry & June;
Our first Great Grandson spoke not a word
And we haven't any tune.

We still have reason to be happy again;
And all can cherish the THEME;
From the youngest child to the oldest man;
Thank the Lord it's a Christian clan.

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1960

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