It's been 48 years since mother and me ;
Spent Christmas together in Tennessee.
Her parents dead and mine far away;
with Grandmother Jackson we spent Christmas Day.

January 7th, 1918 we knew by next Christmas there was going to be three;
And if Faust could quote Poetry with the voice he now has.
He could have quoted "Pap & Mother & Me"

With our first bundle for our family tree;
We were as happy as any parents could be.
We had a reason to buy some toys;
And expect through the years to have more girls & boys.

From about then in all of our dreams;
This dowry recalls our hopes and our joys.
And Christmas Eve is the best time it seems;
To round-up the clan, our girls & our boys.

For the Angels sang at our Savior's birth;
Joy in Heaven and peace on earth, sublime.
So let us share our earthly gifts;
And Heavens blessings at Christmas time.

Of all the gifts from heaven to mother and me;
To the latest bundle for our family tree.
Parents, uncles & aunts and cousins galore;
We're the only great grandparents, oh yes there is more.

She is the only living great grand child of the Matthews clan;
From the youngest child to the oldest man, oh yes there is more yet.
It's our love and best wishes to Denise Lane

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1965

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