We started much earlier-that is Mother and me;
Mother's continued illness and us at our age.
A young man at the Thayer Church but our Christmas tree;
And travel was slow by "Fargo Stage".

But were here in the round-up, Mother and me;
The Weather was chilled and were almost late.
Our Mission is not filled but it's about to be;
And we'll be home from so far down state.

This is the Grandest Christmas thru out the years;
The children, the grandchildren, Mother & me.
Gathered again with our Christmas cheers;
And there's a bundle for out family tree.

We've always had our Christmas joys;
Giving, receiving and sharing our love.
We've always had our Christmas toys;
And heaven sent gifts from above.

The Grandest gift for Mother & me;
Was sent from Heaven to Verla & Dean.
They name her and placed her on the family tree;
The great granddaughter, Lynette Geneen.

So now we've had it Mother and me.
We're as proud as Grandpa, Virgil & Lavale.
And all the rest of our family tree;
Of the last, the least, but the grandest of all.

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1964

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