Christmas Poem 1975

We're only one branch of the Matthew's clan,
And we're all gathered for Christmas again.
Our Patriarch's name is Stanley Doubt,
And we're all here to the last little sprout.
Grandpa and Grandma Matthews aren't with us this year,
They're celebrating with the Master they served while here.
The heritage they left, and the race they won,
Not one of us can wonder at the prize they won.
A great tradition they left with us,
To gather to celebrate a family Christmas.

This year there's so much to be thankful about,
And first on the list is Grandpa Doubt.
The Lord thought we needed him a few more years,
To help us little guys with our doubts and fears.
We certainly needed a grandpa and Grandma, you see
To help us make things, or just to sit on their knee.
So we celebrate this Christmas of 1975
We all are thankful, for our lives.
For our country who will acknowledge 200 years,
For the Pilgrims and the pioneers.
For a Nation built by the good and the just
Whose motto is -"IN GOD WE TRUST".

So as we bring this year to a close,

By Larry and June Doubt
Timmy and Kimberly Doubt

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