This has been a Golden for Mother and me;
The Anniversary of our 50th Wedding Day.
All my brothers and sisters came to see me;
Echo could not come, being to far away.

The Golden day April 8th, one we had longed to see;
The relatives and friends of the Bethany Church.
The 9th Matthews Reunion with me;
Including Mother at our summer home.

Our gratitude goes out to allow girls and boys;
Especially Tim and Joice had a bundle for our family tree.
She is not old enough to play with toys;
Melissa! Comes first, that's the way it should be.

There were two more bundles for our family tree;
Larry and June presented the same.
A boy and a girl you plainly can see;
Twins, Kim and Tim, and Doubt was the family name.

There were four very proud old people even vain;
When the four generation picture was made.
All four great grand parents alive glorious tribute to be paid;
The likes of which will never happen again.

By A.Z. Matthews, December 24, 1967

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